If you are traveling for work or leisure, you might want to take advantage of the benefits of serviced apartments. But what’s in it for you? You may already have an idea of the convenience and comfort of serviced apartments, but staying in one have more benefits than you are aware of; that for sure will make your city visit, either brief or long, worthwhile.



What could be better than being surrounded by the city boutiques, restaurants, and markets just minutes away from your doorstep? Serviced apartments with perfect location will allow guests and visitors to connect with an area whilst still having freedom, serenity, and privacy. This is why our apartments in Coventry, Crawley, Derby, and Birmingham are specifically chosen for convenience of location. 



Communication is always important. Great service means understanding a guest’s needs and perspective. Whilst staying in serviced apartments, you can expect quick responses when you have inquiries, provided with all relevant information at the earliest point of contact to avoid the inconvenience of recurring questions. 



Did you know that on average, serviced apartments are around 30% more spacious than similar levels of hotel suites? This additional space is not only perfect for those who are claustrophobic or don’t want the feeling of constriction, which is very common especially for those who travel a lot or business travelers, but this extra room also enables guests to loosen up and unwind in a manner that is unrealistic or simply not possible with other forms of accommodation. 


Home Comforts

Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise, it is not luxury. With serviced apartment’s fully equipped kitchen, complete kitchenware, ergonomic fixtures, and fittings, modern designed furniture, you’ll get a taste of home with a lot more style and luxury. Though it’s not always about how it looks or feels. A great apartment must fulfill its function. No missing bits of dinnerware set or basically it is the attention to details that makes guests feel valued and create a luxurious and memorable stay. 



Of all the benefits of staying in serviced apartments, this has to be the highlight. As they say, luxury comes with a price, but in serviced apartments, you get exclusivity on pricing which is apparently impossible in hotels. Serviced apartments can adjust and offer great deals to cater to your needs while still getting the comfort and luxury you’re looking for in an accommodation.


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