Coventry is one of the cities in England that has the best bars and pubs. A lot has been visiting the city for leisure. Family vacation, travel with friends, business travels, you can count on Coventry. This city has a lot to offer. From day tour to night outs, Coventry is not taking a break. These are some of the bars that you might actually love to go when in Coventry.

The Phoenix

The Phoenix Coventry

This bar is an absolute go to. People are loving their staff and services! The Phoenix has been renovated into a modern aesthetics vibe. And who would not love that? Rumors say that they also let you play Playstation 4 while enjoying your drink. Feeling like watching sports? The Phoenix got you! Having a doubt on drinking? You can switch on their food menu and order. This is totally a go to bar for everyone!

The Castle Grounds

The Castle Grounds Coventry

If you feel like drinking with a small group, this pub will definitely complete your night. They have great beer selection. And who does not want beer while eating delicious food? They offer good food menu! The Castle Grounds offer these all with a very reasonable price.

The Spon Gate

The Spon Gate Coventry

The Spon Gate is a casual pub that offers delicious breakfast meals to dinner meals. All food are prepared with fresh and local ingredients. If you feel like visiting a pub with friends to relax and chit chat, then this bar is perfect for you! Their music is well managed that you can still be able to socialize comfortably.

The Old Windmill

Old Windmill Coventry

The Old Windmill is a very cozy bar that you’ll surely love. This pub is considered to be the oldest in Coventry. You can enjoy their juke box and feel the reminiscing feeling of the past. This is definitely a quirky old pub but well maintained too. Who would hate their fire places over the place for an extra ambiance!


These are just some of the wonderful spots in Coventry that you will surely love. Tempted yet? Visit the city and have an experience of a wonderful stay at Sublime Stays Apartments! Please follow our Instagram and Facebook for more updates and promos!

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