Stoke-on-Trent, which is located in Staffordshire.  A famous pottery-producing district known as the Potteries has a lot to offer visitors. With Hanley at its heart, the city was created by bringing together six different districts.

Explore the English countryside and learn about the area’s rich industrial heritage. There are a plethora of beautiful parks, museums, and stores inside the city itself. It’s also worth the drive out of town to see historical sights such as a theme park. Lovely gardens, and a monkey forest, which is all worth seeing. Stoke-on-Trent has a year-round appeal. Which means you can take advantage of the city’s attractions no matter what time of year you visit.


Castle Mow Cop


An 18th-century landmark offering panoramic views of the surrounding countryside.

An 18th-century landmark offering panoramic views of the surrounding countryside.


Mow Cop Castle, located on a hilltop north of Hanley. Giving panoramic views of the Staffordshire moorlands was built in the late 13th century. The 18th-century castle is a former summer home that was erected in 1754. To resemble a medieval fortification, complete with a false stone tower, to give the impression of being a fortress.

There are many options for getting to the summit, including driving, walking, or riding a bicycle. It’s a hard climb, so be sure you’re up to it. While the inside of the ruins is off-limits to the public. The surrounding landscape provides some beautiful walking opportunities.


The Garden at Biddulph Grange in Staffordshire


Great Britain's most beautiful and iconic gardens

Great Britain’s most beautiful and iconic gardens.


Founded in the mid-19th century by plantsman James Bateman to house his enormous collection of plants. All over the world, Biddulph Grange Garden has become a popular destination for visitors. An Egyptian court and an Italian garden are among the several “gardens inside a garden.” These include a Himalayan glen, a Chinese water garden. The oldest surviving golden larch in Britain, and a Himalayan glen.

Remember to stop by the Geological Gallery. Features a range of fossils and geological strata that are unique to the area. In a Victorian effort to bring geology and the Christian tale of creation together, Bateman built the gallery. The gardens are about a 20-minute drive from Hanley. Bookings are required.


Wedgwood’s World


Wedgwood one of the best collection.

Wedgwood is one of the best collections.


You may learn about the greatest British ceramic workmanship. The World of Wedgwood, an award-winning interactive museum. Over 3,000 beautiful artifacts are on display. Some dating as far back as Josiah Wedgwood’s founding of the world-famous firm in 1759.

When you take a factory tour, you will learn about Josiah’s life story and how his distinctive items are made. You may even make your pot or piece of bone china if you’re feeling very artistic. Our flagship shop has the most comprehensive assortment of Wedgwood wares anywhere. The Tea Conservatory is the perfect place to unwind after a long day of admiring ceramics and shopping.


The Trentham Estates


amazing Trentham Gardens in a sunny spring day

Amazing Trentham Gardens on a sunny spring day


One of Stoke’s most beautiful landscapes, the 725-acre Trentham Estate. It has three excellent attractions all in one place. There’s a lot to see and do, so plan to spend at least a few hours here. On the grounds of a historic Royal Manor, the Trentham Gardens are carefully maintained. You may also take a mile-long stroll around a beautiful lake while seeing the revitalized Italian gardens and flower beds.

More than 70 stores and cafés can be found in the Trentham Shopping Village, as well as a plethora of restaurants and bars. 140 free-roaming Barbary macaques are living in the Trentham Monkey Forest, part of the Trentham Estate. The chimpanzees swing in the trees above you as you wander the well-maintained route.


The Cultural Corridor


quiet cloudy afternoon in Hanley city centre

Quiet cloudy afternoon in Hanley city center.


Hanley’s Cultural Quarter is home to independent shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues. One of London’s premier theaters, the art deco-style Regent Theatre. Offer West End shows, ballets, and concerts. Several notable acts have been performed here, including The Beatles.

Piccadilly, the pedestrianized street in the center of the neighborhood, is a great place to get a bite to eat. In this city, plenty of restaurants, delis, and tapas restaurants from all over the world may be found.


The Museum & Art Gallery of Pottery


The House of arts, local history, natural science, and the world's greatest collection of Staffordshire.

The House of arts, local history, natural science, and the world’s greatest collection of Staffordshire.


The Potteries Museum & Art Gallery is located in Hanley’s Cultural Quarter. Features fine and decorative arts, local history, archaeology, and natural history. The world-famous Staffordshire Hoard, the greatest cache of Anglo-Saxon metals ever discovered. The outstanding collection of Staffordshire pottery alone is reason enough to pay a visit.

To learn more about Stoke-on-Trent pottery heritage. Go over to the village of Longton and take a tour of the still-operational Victorian Gladstone Pottery. A bone china flower-making workshop is available for visitors to try their hand at the museum. There is no charge to enter.


Intu Potteries Shopping Centre


Visit Stoke-on-Trent's biggest shopping centre

Visit Stoke-on-Trent’s biggest shopping center


At the Intu Potteries Shopping Centre, you’ll find over 90 stores. Including well-known names like Debenhams, H & M, and Primark. Visitors visiting Hanley’s Cultural Quarter may easily fit a visit to the mall into their schedules. With nine screens, you can see a movie or eat at one of the cafés or restaurants nearby.

An underground market called Hanley Market is the biggest in the Potteries. All kinds of things are on sale at the market, from hairdressing establishments to beauty treatments. Art materials, and even fresh fruits and vegetables. In addition to free Wi-Fi and mobile charging stations, the center provides these amenities.


Alton Tower


Spend the day at one of the UK’s biggest amusement parks

Spend the day at one of the UK’s biggest amusement parks.


This amusement park has it all, including head-spinning rollercoasters, terrifying drops, and high G forces. If you’re looking for an adrenaline rush, this is the place to go. Take a deep breath, hold on tight, and face the spine-tinglingly vertical plummet of Oblivion. Laugh and scream your way through 14 loops of The Smiler.

There are lots of kid-friendly rides and activities at Alton Towers Theme Park, despite the adrenaline thrills. Eat at one of the numerous on-site restaurants and food outlets after all the excitement, adrenaline, and nervousness. Hanley is about a 40-minute drive from the park. Note that the park is closed during the winter.


Trains on the Foxfield line


Enjoy a train ride on one of Britain’s oldest heritage steam railways

Enjoy a train ride on one of Britain’s oldest vintage steam trains


Built-in the 1890s, it served the Foxfield Colliery by transporting coal. From Caverswall Road Station to Dilhorne Park and back. The vintage steam engine offers a 5-mile round trip for rail enthusiasts. Prepare your camera since you’ll be passing through beautiful moorland, hills, and woods.

A train ride to Dilhorne Park and a walk back to Caverswall Road Station is an option for nature enthusiasts. You may also take the trip in the other direction. The trek is roughly three miles long and should take you about an hour and a half to do.


The Mill of Sugar


In the heart of Stoke-on-Trent, go clubbing.

In the heart of Stoke-on-Trent, go clubbing.


You can go out on the town in Stoke and have a good time at The Sugarmill. The facility is located in Hanley’s Cultural Quarter and holds weekly party nights. Frequent live music performances by local bands.

The Electric All-Nighter, held on the last Friday of each month, allows revelers to keep the party going until 6 a.m. There is a beautiful rooftop bar where you can relax after a long night of partying.


Where to stay in Hanley?


Sublime Stays Apartment in Hanley Stoke on Trent

Sublime Stays Apartment in Hanley Stoke on Trent


If you’re looking for a place to stay in Hanley, Stoke on Trent, have a look at our service apartments available or visit the Sublime Stays Apartments website. A few walk to the shops and cafés of Hanley town center.

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