As time runs, Christmas season is coming near. All places around the world has different ways to keep their people safe while celebrating holidays. Some places are restricting the people to celebrate with anyone that is not on the same household, while some places are open to celebrate with others as long as they follow specific rules. So this year’s Christmas holiday, you must tweak your usual way of celebrating. The following are some tips you can bring in your pocket to keep you safe while enjoying the season.

Avoid Physical Contact

Women hugging near Christmas Tree

During Christmas holidays, catching up with family or friends is one of the most essential things to do. Always keep your distant a little with people you are with. After all, Covid-19 doesn’t know no holiday. Avoid any kissing or hugging with others that doesn’t belong with the same household as you are. Keep people from speaking face-to-face because this is the route of transmission.

Keep the number small

Family celebrating

This is not the year for big parties. It’s always safest to be with certain number of people as small as possible. As BBC says -the larger the group, the greater the risk. If a person can avoid to meet with different people this Christmas, it will be less risk for everyone. It will lessen the potential of the virus to spread.

Christmas Indoor Set up

Christmas Indoor Set up

Christmas is not the same as summer. It’s freezing cold outside so we cannot celebrate Christmas outdoor like summer. Stuck inside a place or home with others will be risky. You can open windows a little so there will be a ventilation and a more possibility for the virus to disperse in air. Fresh air dilutes any virus that might be lingering in a crowded room. It’s cold? Wear extra jacket.

Sharing Food and Drinks

Christmas Food Celebration

This year, it is not advisable to host the food for a gathering especially Christmas. Want to keep everyone safe? Make a “Bring Your Own Food and Bottle For Drinking” rule when inviting others. This will avoid to share cutleries and save earth by not using disposable things.

Want To Be Extra Safer?

Christmas Outdoor Picnic

There are simple ways to catch up with friends and family. Celebrate Christmas in the morning and take courage to have an outdoor picnic instead, Zoom or more likely delay the celebration with others until everything comes back with the way they were.

Let Us Help

If you want to self isolate and keep yourself safe during holidays, Sublime Stays Apartments might be your answer. For enquiries and questions, you can Contact Us anytime. It is always in our best interest to help you in anyway we can!

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