Activities that you and your family may take advantage of while you are staying in a serviced apartment. All of the space, flexibility, and privacy you’ll have is a fantastic option when you’re renting a place, whether it’s because it’s a rainy day during your holiday or because you want to make use of the available space.

There are several activities for you and your family to do while staying in a serviced apartment. The top indoor activities for families on vacation have been planned in one place for your perusal.


The night before the game.

Have fun while playing a board game inside the serviced apartments.

The family is having fun while playing a board game.


It’s a time-tested approach for families to liven up their evenings: have a game night! Add your favorite card and board games to your holiday rental. Then divide into teams and unleash your competitive side for the ultimate game night clash. Whether you like Monopoly or Cluedo, you’re in for a fun-filled evening that will bring out the child in you.

Even though you’ve already embarked on your long-awaited vacation, you’ve forgotten to bring along your favorite game of Uno with you. However, don’t be concerned. A virtual gaming night may be just as enjoyable. With serviced apartments that include Wi-Fi and spacious living rooms, you can forget about bothersome buffering and get ready for a fun-filled night out on the town!


A day at the spa.

During a downpour, nothing beats a spa day to get your mind off of it. Consider taking time for yourself when you’re away from home, even if you’re not going anywhere. When you return, you will have a restored sense of vigor and vitality.

When you link the playlist to Bluetooth speakers in a serviced apartment, you can create a relaxed atmosphere that will appeal to guests. In an oasis of tranquility, unwind with a bottle of lemon water and one of your favorite face masks.


Dinner with me.

You can prepare a dinner for your family.

You can prepare food for your family.


It is a fantastic way to liven up your nights at home and save money on restaurant meals by hosting a Come Dine with Me tournament! Everyone benefits from this arrangement. Determine the number of adults attending your party and give each participant a night to prepare. You are allowing them to choose a theme for their food and entertainment. A taco night, a piece of aquatic music, or even Asian fusion are all options for theme parties.

Due to the fully equipped kitchens in the serviced apartments supervised by a concierge. They may be an excellent reason to perform these exciting activities at home while maintaining your culinary schedule. It would help if you had your oven mitts and scorecards ready, and your taste senses should be prepared to be surprised by a range of fresh and intriguing tastes.


Treasure hunt inside

One of the several enjoyable activities that are possible to carry out inside is an indoor scavenger hunt, a fantastic illustration.

A practical and quick way to do the activity anytime you are bored is to use pre-made cards, such as Oliver Bonas, to save time. Construct your treasure hunt and let your inner kid run free. If you want to make it more personal, you come up with your clues and riddles. It’s accessible online.

Many of our serviced apartments offer an outdoor space for you and your family to unwind. You are making them suitable for prolonged visits to the city. You have multiple locations in your house where you may hide your clues and chocolate treats, including the living room and several bedrooms. Be prepared for an action-packed day as you engage in these fun activities at your property.



An exciting Bake-Off competition is a sweet tooth’s greatest friend since there are lots of delectable treats to be eaten after each round. This family-friendly competition is open to anybody who wants to join in on the action. Create a range of tasty foods in your serviced apartment’s kitchen for your visitors to blind-test before serving them.

A specialty baking and show-stopper round where everyone chooses their best-baked good to impress should all be ready. Enjoy some delectable delicacies while demonstrating (or not demonstrating) your culinary ability with your buddies. Take it easy; you’re on vacation, after all.


Movie night.

Watching streaming service together

Watching streaming services together


Whether you’re away from home for a few days or a week, there’s nothing quite like a movie night. We offer lots of space in the living rooms for you to stretch out. And a large television to turn your living room into a mini-theater.

How about putting a fun twist on the regular movie night by making it a themed event? Creating a theme for your trip is a fun activity for the whole family. So plan early and have everyone suited up in costume. If you’re organizing a dinner party, you may use it to provide entertainment for your guests. To give you an idea of what kind of movie to play for a sea-themed party, consider “The Little Mermaid.” Enjoy yourself, and while you’re doing it, create memories that will last a lifetime in your serviced apartment.


If you’re planning a holiday, our serviced flats are a great option. To begin organizing your perfect holiday, get in contact with us as soon as possible.

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