There is always an argument about the difference between Hotels and Serviced Apartments. Both accommodate people according to their needs.

Serviced Apartments

Serviced apartment has most of what you have in your own home. Other people, especially those who travel for work and family vacation, prefer to stay here as it has more space than in a hotel room. The thing about spending the night in a serviced apartment is that you can always choose to cook your own meal or do your laundry as most units for rent are fully equipped. 

Just like in Sublime Stays Apartments, We provide the needs of their guests including the basic necessities in hygiene and cooking.

Just like booking a reservation for a hotel, there are different types of apartments that fit your standards. This is why there are different Online Marketplaces that allow hosts or property owners to offer their units. One of the most important things about choosing to stay here is that it is a lot cheaper than paying for a hotel room and more importantly is that it is very spacious which is ideal for families, friends and workmates.

Deluxe Hotel room


There are also some things that hotels can provide and apartments do not have. If you prefer to stay in a place where you can go to a bar right when you push a floor number on the elevator, then serviced apartments are not an option for you. Hotels offer you a convenient and luxurious stay wherein there are options of activities to do such as, swimming in pools, doing morning workouts at the gym, breakfast at the hotel cafe/restaurants and much more.


We always book a reservation on hotels and serviced apartments because is kind of service is one of the basic necessities especially when travelling outside your hometown. You can never compare these two because they both offer different services that will fill your needs. It will always depend on the guest whichever he/she prefers to book. So, we can never argue about that.

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