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What Is a Serviced Apartment?

A Serviced Apartment is an apartment that has been made available for the use of travellers from all over the world either for a short term accommodation or long term accommodation. Such serviced apartments can be rented either directly through the owner company or through internet online. Serviced Apartments like this are located in many different popular London places, including Paddington, Earls Court and Kensington. And you can find serviced apartments in London ranging from one-bedroom apartments to two-bedroom apartments for a single person, a couple or for the whole family.

Save Money by Staying in a Serviced Apartment

There are many benefits to staying in a Serviced Apartment instead of a hotel room, and the primary one is cost. When you rent a home for your visit to London, you will be paying a flat rate for a spacious place that has bedrooms for everyone, attached bathrooms/toilets, a fully equipped kitchenette area (cooking range, dishwasher, grill oven, microwave, refrigerator and oven). Some of the Serviced Apartments in London also give facilities for exercise equipment or a gym in a condo complex.

You can save even more money with a London Serviced Apartment by cooking some of your meals in the kitchen rather than by going out to restaurants every night i.e. many of the serviced apartments also provide self-catering facilities. Simply stop by the local grocery store for some basics – you can even stock the freezer with ready-made meals to save time, as most of the serviced apartments have microwaves available.

Additional Benefits of a Serviced Apartment: Amenities, Convenience, and Privacy

A wide range of Serviced Apartments includes amenities that hotels simply can’t match, such as a coffee/tea making machine, a satellite television, high-speed Internet service, a Wi-Fi, hairdryer, refrigerator, all for your family’s personal use during your visit to London. Most of these extras are included in the basic cost of your rental, although you may have to pay an additional daily fee for some basic amenities like car parking, laundry service, dry cleaning service etc. You can easily find out on websites online what will be included in the rental fee when searching for a Serviced Apartment in London.

Another great benefit of a Serviced Apartment is the convenience factor, particularly for families. Many of the Serviced Apartments are in close proximity to major theme parks, shopping centres, museums, theatres, restaurants, easy transportation access, which can save you a lot of travel time – and therefore increase your time spent enjoying your stay at London, rather than sitting in traffic while travelling from an out-of-the-way hotel. Plus, when you’re done sightseeing with the family, you will have all of the space you need to get away from the kids for some peace and quiet – they’ll have their own bedroom and you’ll have yours!

Renting a home is the perfect option for couples taking a visit to London as well. A Serviced Apartment offers privacy that you can’t get at a hotel (or even at a bed and breakfast). You can enjoy the amenities and facilities with which the Serviced Apartment is stocked – and you don’t have to speak to another person for the duration of your stay, unless you want to!

How to Rent a Serviced London Apartment with Confidence

You can find a Serviced Apartment through websites online with confidence. You don’t have to worry about whether the Serviced Apartment exists – or whether it’s been maintained well. If you are booking a serviced apartment online from a website, you will get all the information about the apartments, the dates of availability, the facilities and amenities it is providing, local attractions nearby and all the necessary information and you can even make a call to them to get all the information.

Treat the Serviced Apartment with Respect

Bear in mind that there is a weekly maid service available, not daily – you’ll be in charge of changing the sheets and washing the towels yourself daily. If you want to have a daily maid service then you have to pay for it. It is best to always inform the Manager of the Serviced Apartment of anything that is broken when you arrive – and anything that may have been broken by the time you leave. Remember that while you are enjoying your stay at a London Serviced Apartment, you should always treat the apartment the same way you would treat your own home.

Travel Insurance Can Give You Peace of Mind

Finally, it is highly recommended that you take out travel insurance before embarking on your visit to London. Unfortunately, without insurance, you have little recourse if you have to suddenly cancel your trip due to illness or other unforeseeable circumstances. With travel insurance, you can recoup some or all of your costs in case your plan to visit London changes. Travel insurance is very affordably priced, so make sure to ask your travel agent or your booking company for more information about your options.

The experience of staying in a Serviced Apartment rather than a hotel can be a rewarding one. As long as you book through websites online, you will get all of the information that you need online at one place, and that you will enjoy your stay at a Serviced Apartment in London in comfort and style.

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