Are you experiencing voids? Do you desire an escape from the hassles of property management? Do you desire a hands-off property investment journey? Sublime Stays solution offering is for YOU!

With our ever-growing corporate clientele base and demand for our services by corporates and SMEs alike, we need your property!

What is our offering to you?

Well, it is quite simple and straight-forward 5-step process that breaks this down:

  • We take on your property on a long-term tenancy agreement
  • Over the term of the tenancy, we pay you a guaranteed monthly rent, contractually eliminating any voids whatsoever!
  • With your consent carry out any minor refurb or furnishing works required to get the property ready for our clients.

  • With our 24-hour maintenance and house-keeping team, we cover the cost and burden of any required internal maintenance during the tenancy
  • At the end of the tenancy, we safely return the keys to your property (tends not to happen very often). Alternatively, we simply renew the tenancy!

It really is that simple!

If this is you, we want to partner with you and make your property investment journey as a landlord indeed HASSLE-FREE!

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