First-time Visitors in London Should Avoid These Mistakes

Many tourists still make some common rookie errors when they arrive in London. At the same time, most of these missteps are entirely avoidable. You can add unnecessary expenses to your trip or in precious vacation time. It won’t prevent you from exploring England’s capital.

Here are a few of the most things to avoid while visiting the city of London. Including things to remember when you prepare for your first visit and activities to do while you’re here. If you can avoid making these mistakes, your trip will be more enjoyable.


Failing To Make Good Use Of Public Transportation

London’s extensive public transportation system includes the world-famous Subway and buses. River buses, trams, and trains. However, learning to use some of these services may take some time.

You will soon be rewarded with the realization that you can go from one end of the city to another. Cheaply without sacrificing convenience or comfort. The Oyster card streamlines the procedure by seamlessly processing payments across all these transportation modes.

Eliminating the need to purchase individual tickets or fumble with change.


Get an Oyster card; it will simplify your life immensely.


Underestimate Walking Distances

The city of London is quite large. Many people are surprised by how significant even the heart of London is. Why travel through the stations when a three-minute ride on the Tube? You can take you directly from St. Paul’s Cathedral to Big Ben. It’s better to stroll, right? Not at all.

You will set out on a journey of two miles. Which, at a brisk thirty or forty minutes pace, will leave you feeling exhausted. Choose a serviced apartments in downtown London or one nearest to the essential sites you want to see to minimize the time and effort spent on transportation.


Getting a Cab To Take You From The Airport To Your Accommodation

When you arrive in London. You’ve just arrived at your destination, and you’re exhausted from the flight. All you want to do is check your hotel, relax, and sleep. When you look ahead and see a line of those easily recognizable black taxis.

It’s easy to see why so many people choose to take one. What they don’t realize is that London’s airports are located far outside of the city center. The cost of that “convenient” taxi journey will likely be in the region of £200. It might be better spent on something more exciting than an hour of idle conversation with a chatty cab driver.

Instead, riding the Heathrow Express to London’s Paddington Station would be best. It will only take 15 minutes, and a taxi ride to your accommodation will be far less expensive. Accommodations near Heathrow Airport are now available.


The Heathrow Express train is the better option.


Underestimate Dining Schene

So, all of England’s cuisine is awful. Wrong, London is quickly becoming on part with other great culinary cities. Like Lyon and Bologna is one of the most incredible places to experience innovative and exceptional cuisine.

It’s a melting pot with a thriving restaurant culture that draws inspiration from all around the globe. You can get some great local food in and around Spitalfields Market at reasonable prices.

In contrast, Mayfair is where you should go if you want to eat well in opulent settings. Elegant modern Asian restaurants may be found in Soho.

Predictable Temperature

Most people’s mental image of English weather is cloudy skies and drizzle. The extremes in temperature, both in winter and summer, catch most people off guard. A swimming suit and Arctic gear aren’t strictly necessary. But it’s always better to be prepared for everything.

The most practical strategy is to bring several interchangeable layers.  That can be removed or put back on when the temperature changes. Make sure the outermost layer is watertight, however. There is some truth to the stereotype in question.


Bring appropriate clothing for a range of climates.


Incorrect Expectation With The Size of Museums

Many of the world’s largest and most prestigious museums may be found in London. Approximately 8 million objects are housed in the British Museum’s collection, making it one of the world’s largest. It is customary for museum visitors to spend considerable time in the first few galleries.

You are poring over every artifact and informational panel. Then, you realize you’ve already lost half a day, and your legs are growing weary. You still have three or four galleries and other museums to view. The best museums in London don’t cost anything to visit, someday spend days rather than hours there.


Booking a Hotel to Stay

Are you choosing a cheap place to stay in London? You may be disappointed to learn that there aren’t many good alternatives in the city’s heart. More serviced accommodations are within easy walking distance of the major tourist destinations.

It’s tempting to look for accommodation somewhere far away. The expense of transportation to and from Central London each day will outweigh the savings from staying at a less expensive hotel.

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