Is anyone planning a trip to or near Europe this summer? It might get a taste of what to expect from the recent Easter season. There’s a good deal to celebrate, but the comeback of travel is likely to be welcomed with dismay.


How Should You Prepare For This?


No Entry Requirements

As the pandemic continues to spread, several European countries have already removed all restrictions on entering the countries. That was put in place because of it.

It will be easier to visit European nations this summer than it was in the summers of 2020 and 2021 to cope. All the health declarations, negative test results, and ever-changing vaccine regulations.


Enjoy your vacation without any travel restrictions and require no testing or quarantines upon arrival.


You no longer have to wear masks in the following nations at the time of this publication (even inside in crowded settings, including flights):

  • United Kingdom
  • Bulgaria
  • Croatia
  • The Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • Hungary
  • Iceland
  • Ireland
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Poland
  • Romania
  • Slovenia
  • Sweden

There’s a good chance that this list may grow over the next few weeks and months. There is no restriction on travelers’ right to wear masks. But they may find themselves in the minority rather than the majority depending on where they visit.

In these places, pubs and restaurants are likely to get busy again soon, because social isolation is likely to end soon.


Always check tourism data we help you avoid crowds in Europe's busiest tourist destinations

Always check the tourism data to avoid crowds in Europe’s busiest tourist destinations.




It’s been more than two years since Europe has seen the most unrestrained travel. Rescheduled events such as weddings or conferences now look likely to go ahead in 2022.

As a result, a large number of individuals are likely to go to various parts of Europe this summer. Airports and security checks might be daunting for those who haven’t traveled in two years. You should be patient with those who take longer than normal, and you should also prepare ahead so that you don’t feel hurried and scared at airports.



The supply of workers has shrunk by around half a million since the pandemic, largely reflecting older workers dropping out of the workforce.

The supply of workers has shrunk by around half a million since the pandemic, largely reflecting older workers dropping out of the workforce.


Shortages of Workers

During times of COVID-19 travel limitations, such as border closures and prohibitions on non-essential travel. Travel businesses had a surplus of workers. Some workers left the sector to find jobs that are less likely to be affected by a pandemic and haven’t come back.

Travel companies, including airlines, hotels, and airports. Often been short-staffed since 2022’s resumption of travel. Staffing problems are hard to solve because new employees have to go through long federal backgrounds. Checks that can take months to finish.

A lack of employees may be the cause of your long wait at a checkout station that appears to be understaffed.



Flight delay is the nightmare of everybody in the world.

Flight delay is the nightmare of everybody in the world.


Delays and Canceled Events

The combination of more passengers, fewer personnel, and more complicated supply chain concerns. It has already resulted in a significant reduction in service. Even though they’d love the extra revenue. Hotels are postponing openings and airlines are already reducing their summer schedules. Uncertainty of whether or not they’ll be able to run all the flights they had scheduled.

If you’re traveling to a place with limited flight options and find yourself in an unfortunate situation. You need to prolong your vacation, it’s best to book a ticket home early rather than later.

As travel service providers get more adept at navigating these unfamiliar terrains. We can only hope that things will calm down a little. But because so many things can go wrong at once. Your flight in Europe could be delayed or changed. You might not make it through security in time to board this summer.

Again, be patient with both your fellow travelers and staff members who are trying their best to get you to your destination.



A cancellation policy is essentially an outline of the rules and procedures for what happens if and when a booking is canceled.


Change and Cancellation Procedures are Less Flexible

In 2020, travel companies made it easier for clients to plan their vacations. They could both save money and entice them to schedule more trips. “No questions asked” vouchers or the option to make unlimited changes to your booking. May have been offered as a kind of compensation if your plans were altered at the last minute. Circumstances beyond your control (such as testing positive for COVID-19).

Travel companies, on the other hand, have less of a need to continue to give this level of flexibility to their customers. For organizations that have been losing money for two years. Reintroducing change fees is a simple way to generate more cash.

If your summer trip plans fall through, you may discover that your airline or hotel is considerably tighter.


Check out our list of the best websites for the cheapest flights as well as the cheapest hotel booking

Check out the list of the best websites for the cheapest flights as well as the cheapest serviced apartment booking.


The Cost of Goods and Services Will Rise.

It is possible that you might have gotten some great prices on flights and hotels. In the previous two years since there was a surplus of aircraft and serviced apartments compared to demand.

For a variety of reasons, the chances of finding a great bargain this summer are slim.

In March 2022, annual inflation in the Eurozone rose from 5.9 percent to 7.4 percent, mostly due to rising energy costs. Consumption will be impacted by the rising cost of supplying products and services.

After losing a lot of money because of the pandemic, travel companies are eager to get some of their money back when business picks back up.

As more people travel, there will be an increase in supply, which in turn will lead to an increase in price.

If you haven’t already planned your summer travel, serviced apartments, transportation, and entertainment, do so right now. There is little hope that prices will fall anymore, and they may possibly climb considerably more. For travel tips visit here.

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