A stay in a serviced apartment may not be as pleasant as it was before having children. However, it may still be a great event for everyone! With our tried-and-true tips for families, your stay will be fun, stress-free, and memorable!


Choosing The Finest Serviced Apartments


Picking a place to stay with your family might be a little difficult. Many of them seem to be geared toward business travelers or couples who are traveling without children. This does not negate the fact that there are several excellent choices geared towards families. You only have to know where to look! When looking for a serviced apartment for our family. These are the items we look for:


Look for outdoor play areas near for kids that they can enjoy all along.


Find Outdoor Space

Some of the serviced apartments are tiny, and neighbors are only one (sometimes thin) wall away. So it’s good if you can get the kids out to play. Finding a serviced apartment near a playground, or trail. A piece of greenery might make your stay much more enjoyable. This isn’t always going to be an option, but when it is, we’ll take it. It’s always appreciated.


Choose That is Close to Restaurants

Going out for three meals a day (plus snacks) with your kids becomes old quickly. The best choice is to stay in a serviced apartment with nearby or on-site dining options. Often, the on-site restaurants provide cuisine that is either too pricey or too posh for my children to consume every day.


Location is one of the most important decisions for travelers. Choose accommodation near restaurants.


Make Sure the Accommodation Has a Refrigerator

For families, a minifridge is a must-have. We like having a mini-fridge to store snacks, quick meals, or milk on hand. Because of this, we don’t have to continuously dash out the door to buy things. We can prevent a morning breakdown if we’re not able to leave on time. Snacks may save you a lot of money, too.

Make sure the minifridges you’re looking at aren’t already stocked before you buy one. You won’t be able to store any of your things in those minifridges. Since they are already stocked with items for sale.

If your children pick up and move any of the high-priced things for sale.  You might be charged automatically even if you don’t eat anything! To remove a pre-stocked minifridge from a serviced flat, you may ask the property to do so.


Sublime Stays Apartments have a unique dining room with a fully equipped kitchen.


Make Sure There is Enough Space for Dining Room

Many children, like mine, dislike going out to eat at restaurants. As a family, we have to eat out much more often than my children would want on vacation. Even if we’re eating takeout from a restaurant, we all prefer to dine in our own homes. There are some serviced apartments that don’t have a good dining area.

A tiny table and chairs may be found in many accommodation options. Consider carrying a clip-on chair like this one if you’re traveling with newborns or early toddlers. It works well in rooms with just a desk.


Go out and find an activity that the kids will love.

Don’t Plan to Stay the Whole Day in Your Accommodation

If you used to travel with only the adults, you could probably simply hang around at the serviced apartments. But if you’re traveling with children. You won’t be able to rest in the accommodation. Yes, it’s possible that the kids sometimes need some time alone without the distraction of other people. But the accommodations are modest. They’ll be ready to go in a matter of minutes.

Make sure you have a plan for where you can hang, and where the kids can wander about a little more freely. There is a slew of possibilities here, but we recommend parks, trails, and playgrounds. There are also areas in the foyer where children may run about a little.

Let us know what works best for you and your family when you stay at a serviced apartment in the comments below!

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