It is very tiring to live in an everyday routine where you need to go to work and fulfill all your responsibilities in life. Everyone deserves a time to breathe and stay in a place to unwind. Crawley is the best place for a perfect Sunday morning relaxation.

Crawley is a large town located in West Sessex, England. This place is known to be an ancient town that’s why there are a number of historical places that can be visited by tourists. But what is a good town without beautiful parks? This town will take your breath away!

Sunny day on a lake with swans
Tilgate Park

This park is the largest, most beautiful and popular park in the town. Abundant with nature with lots of animals and fresh air, one can find a golf course, the Walled Cafe, and Go Ape, an obstacle course playground for kids here. Indeed a perfect place to unwind. It is definitely a family friendly park that can’t be missed when you’re around the town. It has three lakes, and one of these is the dreamy Tilgate Lake. This park is perfect to navigate on foot and to enjoy the scent of the pine trees. What a place to unwind, right?

If you’re looking for a place to unwind, then just be with nature, hear the birds chirping and wind whistling in your ears. Enjoy the trail and witness different animal and be lucky enough to see roe deer if you go quietly. Enjoy the lake with your family. This park is considered to be one of the dog-friendly parks in the town. That’s why locals usually go here for a morning walk with their dogs. This is also a centre for exhibitions about the wildlife, while enjoying a drink served by a mobile barista walkers on Fridays and Weekends.

Are you aiming for a bit of an adventure? Then this is a place to unwind for you. Invite your family and friends here. Put on the harness and complete the  737-metre Tree Top Adventure, Rope net climbing, Crawling tunnels, Crossing wobbly bridges and zip-lines! Make sure to equip yourselves with sturdy shoes, extra clothes, a pair of gloves and a small body bag for your phones and wallets!

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