CAR PARK (Surcharge)

Use of the car park by prior reservation only during your booking and incur an additional charge of £10 per night payable prior to check-in.

Please ensure that you have collected both the parking permit and garage remote gate opener at the “Key Collection” point. Please ensure that you display the parking permit on the dashboard at all times to avoid getting a parking ticket.

Please only park in the parking space marked “16” with the disabled sign. The parking permit is only valid and assigned for this space!


There is a fire blanket and a fire extinguisher (powder) in the top right cabinet above the sink in the kitchen.


Network Name: Hyperoptic 1Gbps Broadband B5

Password: 8K61CZS4u4AB8 (case sensitive!)


The controls for the hot water supply is situated behind the living room door.

In the event that there is no hot water supply or if it has been exhausted, please refer to the instructions below.


Usually for showers there should be enough hot water to go round in the mornings or evenings. However if you wish to run TWO or more warm/hot baths in succession during these times then the hot water supply would need to be “Boosted” or when baths are run during off peak times such as mid mornings or mid afternoons, then it would also need to be “Boosted” to ensure that there is enough to go round.

To “Boost” and ensure that there is enough hot water to fill your baths, press the button once (stays boosted for 1 Hr), twice (stays boosted for 2 Hrs) or three times (stays boosted for 3 Hrs). Note that you would only have to do this once before you run your bath. The system will automatically “recharge” the hot water supply overnight.


Central Heating

The Climate Control for each room can be adjusted via the control panel in the master bedroom.

Select the room to be adjusted and use the Up or Down arrow keys to set the desired temperature. Once it is set, the system will automatically bring the temperature of each room independently up or down to the required setting.


All these items are inclusive of use and can be found in the boiler/storage cupboard in the hallway.


Free inclusive use of the gym during your stay. Accessible 24 hours on the LG floor from the car park.


There are two free standing fans in the apartment for you to use if it gets too warm. They can be found in the bedroom cupboards.


Please do not allow overflow of trash/rubbish in the apartment. Please dispose them at the bin stores accessible on LG floor. Follow the signs posted. Ensure that you have the keyfob with you at all times as you would need it to get back out of the bin stores!


All the fresh bedding are stored under. There should be 2 pillows and pillow cases, double duvet & cover and a double mattress sheet.


From the outside: On exiting the apartment, the door can only be locked with the key AFTER the door handle has been turned 90 degrees CLOCKWISE.

From the inside: The door to the main apartment does NOT lock automatically when the door shuts. Once inside the apartment, in order to lock it using the thumb lock, first turn the door handle 90 deg ANTI-CLOCKWISE, then turn the thumb lock to lock it.

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