From late September to October and November and right up until Christmas. The landscape is bathed in the warm tones of autumn, from spectacular forests to hills, arboretums, and canals. This guide covers some of the most critical sites in the UK to view fall colors near you.

Fall is a great time to take in the natural beauty of the United Kingdom. Its crisped air, colorful foliage, and warm tones of red and gold.


Where can you go to see the fall foliage Uk?

A prominent place to begin would be in our woods and forests. The sensation of walking under the multicolored canopy of oaks. Beech, birches, and sycamores are unlike anything else. Observe the ground for chestnuts and the trees for squirrels and jays.

Many statement trees in our parks, arboretums, and gardens shine in the light of October and November. Then there are the highlands and hills, whose slopes are often a rosy pink due to the heather and dwindling bracken.

Who can say no to some quiet thought as fall approaches? Our rivers, lakes, and shorelines provide venues for this purpose. Get your hiking boots on without further ado and enjoy a brisk fall stroll in the great outdoors.


List of Best Locations for Viewing Autumn Foliage


Wicken Fen is an internationally important wetland nature reserve and a unique fragment of the wilderness that once covered East Anglia.


Wicken Fen, Cambridgeshire

The variety of fall foliage in Wicken Fen is attractive due to the reserve’s mosaic environment. Some of the reed beds, grassland, and open water. The sedge becomes a bright yellow in the evening when the sun sets in September.

It’s the best time to see local fauna, the Orb-weaver spiders weaving their intricate webs. The kingfishers flash their bright blue wings when they dive into the lake.

In addition, visitors can rent bicycles and take a slow ride around the fen in the warm fall sunshine.


The perfect stop on a photography road trip in the southwest of England. In autumn, the landscape is stunning in gold.


The Stourhead, Wiltshire, path to King Alfred’s Tower

Many people come here in the fall since it’s one of the best places to see the leaves change color. King Alfred’s Tower is a 160-foot-tall folly built for Stourhead’s owner, Henry Hoare II, in 1772.

You must go for five miles through lovely mixed forests to get there. On a clear fall day, the sun will shine through the trees and highlight the season’s vibrant colors.

Take a detour through the well-known landscape garden. On your way back, see the lake’s mirrored reflection of fiery reds, rusty oranges, and sunny yellows. Afterward, go to the Gothic Cottage hidden in the woods.


Sunlight Highlights in Pine Trees, Cardinham Woods, Cornwall


Cardinham Woods 

A beautiful mixed forest Cardinham. When you go down the riverbanks, take in the vibrant displays of red. Orange and gold on oak, alder, rowan, and willow trees.

The Gruffalo Trail, created by the Forest Commission, is perfect for families this fall. At the same time, the Bodmin Beast Cycling Trail spans 12 kilometers. Ideal for those looking for more physical activity daily.


Tintern Abbey in Monmouthshire, Wales.


Church of St. Tintern, Monmouthshire

In the Wye Valley, on the river banks, travelers have been coming for centuries. They take in the majesty of the Tintern Abbey ruin, which dates back to the 12th century.

You’ll attractively see the changing leaves if you climb to the top of a limestone cliff above a river. Stunning in the fall are the neighboring forested hills. It looks like something out of a Grimm fairytale, with its gnarled trees and moss-covered stones.


Home to the National Arboretum


Westonbirt, Gloucestershire

You may take your time going through the woods at Westonbirt. It spans 600 acres and is home to more than 16,000 trees and bushes. In the fall, the conservatory’s Acers (Japanese maples) burst into reds, oranges, and yellows.

At the same time, the nursery’s Chinese spindle trees become vibrant, beautiful pink, creating a natural fireworks show.


More than three thousand tree species may be found in this peaceful arboretum.

More than three thousand tree species may be found in this peaceful arboretum.



A big pool serves several exotic plants around its perimeter. In addition to an abundance of berries, autumn ushers in a blaze of leaf color. From a rich butter yellow to orange, red, and crimson. Bright colors and any various Acer species.


100 acres of beautiful Arboretum & woodland gardens with one of the finest collections of trees in the North of England.


Thorp Perrow Arboretum, North Yorkshire.

Thorp Perrow is home to five National Plant Collections, which have left the color of red wine in autumn. As the seasons change, the leaves of these exotic plants turn to gold. Orange, red, brown, and purple make a beautiful display. 51 Champion Trees may be found in the conservatory. (this national record details huge, historic, rare trees growing only in Britain and Ireland).


Waterway in southern England



 Wiltshire, on the Kennet and Avon Canal.

The Avoncliff Aqueduct is an elegant vantage point. From which to take in the breathtaking fall foliage of the Bath Valley. Oak, ash, sycamore, hazel, and hawthorn all contribute to the richness of the local woods.

The 100-meter-long Bath stone aqueduct that carries the canal across the river provides spectacular views from its summit. This is a beautiful place to see deer grazing on leaves and fruit.

Hedgerows and bats fly at twilight to and from the high arches of the aqueduct. At Avoncliff, you’ll find the Cross Guns, a tavern on the river, and a convenient, though small, train station.


The Place of Hope



From the Edenic splendor of Edale to the bustling former “plague settlement” of Eyam, a distance of 30 miles may be covered on the Hope Pilgrimage over three days.

When the hills and forests around Hope Valley change colors to crimson, Russet, and gold in the fall. It’s hard to imagine a more beautiful place. Walk through the making of caramel stone and jitties at great heights (narrow passages). Get some relaxation in one of the many old churches around town. Stay in one of the many serviced apartments in the countryside for travelers.

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