Leeds Best Family Attractions


Leeds has many fun things for families, especially those that involve getting outside and moving about. The city proper and its surrounding areas are home to excellent museums. Many include engaging and thought-provoking exhibits with plenty of opportunities for audience participation.

Leeds is a fantastic destination if you’re looking for activities to keep kids busy. Several sports and activities to do. But the hazards are often minimal because of the person in-charge and high-quality safety equipment. Please check our list of kid-friendly activities in Leeds.


Royal Armouries Museum

A national museum dedicated to arms and armor, housing the national collection of arms and armor.


A wide range of military artifacts is on display in the Royal Armouries Museum. From medieval swords and armor to cutting-edge guns. You may also locate international artifacts here. Situated in the heart of town and next to the River Aire, the museum is accessible to the public.

One of the most well-known parts of the Royal Armouries Museum is its arena. Where battles, duels, and jousts from the past are re-enacted for visitors. Every month of the year has unique events, most of which fall on weekends.


Indoor Walls Climbing 

It’s suitable for a fascinating and risk-free pastime.


In Leeds, climbers of all ages enjoy the sport because it presents a significant challenge without any significant risk. Four indoor climbing gyms in the Leeds area meet or exceed the industry’s safety and ease of use standards.

Bouldering is an excellent method to get started in climbing since it doesn’t require a fear of heights. That’s what the Climbing Lab in the Kirkstall Industrial Park is known for. Both the Gelderd Road and the Pudsey locations of Depot Climbing may be found in Leeds. On Mondays at 6 o’clock, newbies may get free lessons at City Bloc on the Airedale Industrial Estate.


Abbey House Museum

Find out what life was like in the 19th century in Leeds.


The Abbey House Museum offers a fascinating look at Victorian-era Leeds. The authentic Victorian street is the main draw, with its period-appropriate shops, restaurants, and even a school from the era.

Various Victorian-era toys and dolls, some of which may be handled and played with. It was displayed at the Childhood Gallery. You may also find a variety of reconditioned penny slot machines that require traditional coins. You can be purchased it from a nearby vending device.


Tropical World

Largest tropical plant and animal collections outside of Kew Gardens.


When you go to Tropical World, you can see plants and animals from places very different from Yorkshire. Meerkats, birds, lizards, and bats are just some unusual species living. Butterflies flutter freely and sometimes land on guests, while tropical fish swim freely in aquariums.

Roundhay Park has plenty of other attractions if that’s not enough to occupy you and the kids for a day. With an area of almost 700 acres, it is one of Europe’s most significant public green spaces. Park amenities include a golf course, a skate park, a BMX track. A skate park, two lakes, formal gardens, forests, playgrounds, and a BMX track.


Meanwood Valley Urban Farm

A working farm in Leeds is open seven days a week for the public to visit our animals and gardens.


Visit the Meanwood Valley Urban Farm to get up close and personal with some wild and domesticated animals. The 24-acre property near Leeds has operated since 1980 and is home to various animals. Including goats, chickens, rabbits, cows, pigs, and donkeys.

There are also community gardens, wildflower meadows, and allotments that the people who live there take care of. Even as an urban farm, it lives up to its billing. While it’s not in the heart of town, it’s just about two miles away to the northwest.


Jackrabbits Pottery Studio

Have fun creating your ceramic masterpieces by painting them.


Children may have a great time and leave with a souvenir at Jackrabbit’s Pottery Studio. The Roundhay Road store has a variety of simple, unadorned ceramics. You may use them as plates, bowls, or even pigeon houses.

After the knowledgeable staff has explained the process, you may paint the pottery uniquely. Glazing and firing in a kiln complete the process. After seven days or thereabouts, it will be available for pickup.

A small variety of handcrafted cakes and beverages. Including tea and coffee for adults and soft drinks and milkshakes for kids. Its available at the studio while you paint.


Thackray Medical Museum

The story of medicine as you wander through the grimy streets of Victorian Leeds. Watch gruesome operations taking place in the 19th century.


The Thackray Medical Museum on Beckett Street is an exciting museum that tells the sometimes sad story. This is how medical science has changed worldwide. Since the building used to be a workhouse and is now part of the hospital next door.

There are probably a lot of ghosts in the area. It is said to be one of the most haunted places in Leeds. You may be able to visit during one of the nighttime openings.

It’s important to note that a few of the displays are disturbing. For others, hearing about what surgeries were like in a real Victorian-era operating theater may be a little much.


Shooting Sports in Leeds

Give your child who enjoys first-person shooter.


The opportunity to try their hand at a genuine shooting sport like paintball or airsoft. Luckily, Leeds has many solutions that may meet your needs. Take your little Robin Hood hopefuls to National Archery on Redcote Lane for friendly foam-tipped arrow practice.

For younger children, another option is Grim Up Nerf. A group that organizes regular skirmishes with just Nerf guns at sites in Leeds and Bradford. Bedlam Paintball is next to Bramham Park, and Kill House Airsoft is on Sayner Road. Both of these places offer more ways to get your heart racing.

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