You may wonder, “Where should I go on vacation in 2023?” We were curious about this as well. Countries like Japan and Singapore lead the way as the Asian and Australian continents. Prepare for a tourism boom following years of bans due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Get ready for an adventure in the Yukon, Chilean Patagonia, Greenland, or the United Kingdom.

New accommodations are also sprouting up. Several new serviced apartments have opened in a historic city, revitalizing tourism in an already popular European destination.


12 Spots Popular In The Year 2023



A country of volcanoes, mountains, and beaches on the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.


It is one of the most culturally rich LATAM destinations. Guatemala has been overlooked in favor of more popular Latin American countries. This is a mistake, as Guatemala delivers the “best of” without the crowds.

You should go to Guatemala not just to meet its kind people. But take in the stunning scenery and fully immerse yourself in the country’s rich cultural history.



A territory in northwest Canada that has wild, mountainous, and sparsely populated.


The interests of our guests inspire our exploration of the Canadian Northwest Territories and Yukon. Want to see and learn about the world beyond the typical tourist trail? The Yukon is known for its historical sites, rich culture, and breathtaking scenery.

Northwest Territories are home to abundant wildlife and accommodations run by Indigenous people. Prime viewing of the Northern Lights (depending on the season). The locals you’ll interact with are what set this trip apart.



There’s no land at the North Pole. Instead, it’s all ice that’s floating on top of the Arctic Ocean.


If 2022 saw Antarctica as the “must-see” destination for adventure travelers. Then 2023 should be all about the Arctic. Unsurprisingly, those seeking pristine natural scenery and a view of the Northern Lights will soon be flocking to Greenland.

Which, like Iceland, provides the option for “isolation with purpose” (a.k.a., getting away from the masses and testing one’s limitations).



Known for its stunning beaches, culture, and food, Málaga is one of the most visited coastal cities in Andalusia, Spain.


Málaga, Spain, topped all other cities worldwide regarding 2023 Airbnb traveler searches. In the past ten years, Málaga has seen a cultural revival. It’s transformed into a vibrant center of artistic activity along the Costa del Sol.

The Pompidou Center is a contemporary art gem encased in a glass cube of various colors. It’s just one of many new museums to open in the area. Just as impressive is the street art movement, with vibrant murals dotting whole blocks.



The second largest island in the Bazaruto Archipelago, which broke away from the mainland thousands of years ago.


The Bazaruto Archipelago in Mozambique consists of five islands known for their pristine beaches and rich marine life. The second-largest, Benguerra, has evolved into a wild and sneaky high-end vacation destination.

Visit the recently established Kisawa Sanctuary or the unspoiled Beyond Benguerra Island. Enjoy the tropical vacation away from it all. The coastline goes on and on, and no people or buildings are in sight. You may go dugong (a rare sea cow) spotting with your resort. Or you can take a trip on a dhow (a traditional African fishing boat).



The Vatican City, St. Peter’s Basilica, and Vatican Museum.


Have you already crossed Puglia and Sicily off your list? As a travel junkie with a particular interest in the southern regions of Italy. The basilica will be one of the most exciting destinations in 2023.

Matera’s ancient caves, winding hilltop streets, and crumbling Baroque churches are well-known to visitors. The town was also the setting for an exciting car chase in the latest James Bond film, No Time to Die. However, this relatively untouched region also features beautiful beaches: an intriguing history, and delicious seafood.



Pagoda and view of Mount Fuji in Japan.


The accumulated interest in Japan is enormous. There is still demand from those who had to cancel their trips before the epidemic. There is new interest in the cultural experience that Japan can provide.



Take a long walk around the center to explore the World Heritage.


While Edinburgh’s origins can be traced back to the 1200s, the City continues to amaze visitors more than 800 years after it was first established.

Abstract art hangs under a 19th-century ornamental dome at the newly built Gleneagles Townhouse, where a restaurant offers cutting-edge drinks and a classic Sunday roast.



The winding, terraced region produces the country’s beloved port wine.


A trip to the lush, dramatic slopes of northern Portugal’s Douro Valley. The following year would be well spent since it offers some of Europe’s most breathtaking scenery (and excellent wine).

Driving over the winding mountain roads into the country’s heart is a delight. Passing through the picturesque vineyards and quaint towns that dot the region’s hills is like stepping into another universe. The old pilgrimage town of Lamego, with its big tiled stairs and stately buildings, is a must-see.

There is also a rising number of luxury establishments, including the stunning Six Senses. More than anything else, however, it’s just a great spot to chill out and take it easy, Portugal-style.



The City, known as the Lion City (Singapura), consists of the main island and about 64 smaller offshore islands.


I have had so little opportunity to travel there in the previous two years. It is now at the top of my list of places to visit. If you want to have a fantastic time, you must visit this place.

Experience the delicious cuisine, the friendly locals, and the perfect blend of nature and the City. If you happen to be in Singapore for the Singapore Grand Prix, you are in for a treat.



A region encompassing the vast southernmost tip of South America.


In 2018, Chile received the most significant private land contribution ever made to a country. Helping the government set aside 11 million acres for national parks, with the support of the Tompkins Conservation Foundation (named after North Face and Esprit founder Doug Tompkins). Chile was able to increase its protection of Patagonia’s untouched nature significantly.

Land in the southern area of Aysén was given to Chile to create the Patagonia National Park, which is now a component of the Patagonia National Parks Network and covers over 750,000 acres. This region stands out from others in Patagonia, Argentina. Because of its exceptional biodiversity and its inaccessibility.



The ‘Eternal City’ is the capital and the largest city of Italy and the Lazio region. It’s the famed City of the Romans.


This year has seen a slew of high-end accommodation launches in Rome. Including the Edition, the Bulgari, and the Six Senses. Rome has always been a popular place to visit, but the opening of these new and exciting places is. Many of these have a modern twist and will bring people back to the Eternal City.



The capital and the largest city of England and the United Kingdom.


There is no other city quite like London. It is enormous, so excitingly international, and jam-packed with culture at every turn. Ride the London Eye, the massive wheel along the Thames River. To get a feel for what makes London such a remarkable metropolis.

If you look down, you will see streets full of activity and instantly identifiable landmarks. London is an excellent place for tourism and culture. But it also has a lively food scene and quiet parks when you need to get away from the busy City.

If you want to learn more about the history of London, Britain’s capital, the Museum of London is the place to go. The Roman town of Londinium is where you may start learning about London. And the many invasions and occupations influenced the City over the next two millennia. Discover the best time to visit London this year, 2023.

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