Hello and Welcome to Sublime Stays Apartments. It’s important to acknowledge the big elephant in the room, the uninvited guest.

Covid-19 has been an unexpected visitor that offered no warning. The uninvited guest with no prior notice to prepare the world, business sectors and serviced apartments. Alas, it has proven the importance of preparation, contingency, risk assessment, management and more. It proves a crucial point on foresight and the need to anticipate, prepare and plan ahead. As with any unwanted circumstances, a quick reactive process must put in place. Measures are quickly considered by WHO and plans are put in place to mitigate circumstances and slow the progress of transmission.

Sadly, the effect of Covid-19 was already prominent thus it’s not surprising the impact of the it has had on sectors, businesses, travellers, professionals, GDP, health care and many more. This was unusual. A situation most providers could not have anticipated. A pandemic? 

Photo of a living area and dining area of a Fully equipped serviced apartment

Especially this time of the uninvited guest, the importance of maintaining a healthy hygiene is key to controlling a pandemic as confirmed by the UK Govt rules with 20 seconds washing of hands, 2 meters distance, wearing a mask and desensitizing key areas. This has become a ritual in most countries and all over the world.

How Sublime Stays Apartments Overcome The Pandemic

Cleanliness and hygiene are key factors in the serviced apartment sector. At Sublime Stays Apartments, hygiene has always been at the forefront of our vision hence we provide regular cleanliness in all communal areas including occupied apartments during our guests stay.  At the sight and understanding of the uninvited guest, we adopted an immediate response by placing measurements in place to mitigate the virus and protect our customers. E.g. key installation of hand sanitizers in key areas, effective training on cleanliness, regular and high level of cleanliness in communal areas. It is also important to mention Sublime Stays was ahead of its time by installing WIFI locks to access the rooms thus providing ease while minimising the risk of transmission.

Sublime Stays issues information and government guidelines to all customers within the property. This helps to support customers with any questions or concerns they may have including how to handle any cleanness, symptoms, hygiene and communal areas.

Covid-19, the uninvited guest, disrupted our world and routine, yet we have seen a level of consciousness and a community spirit which has proven that we are resistant.

We are keen to offer continuous support to our customers and visitors by installing the highest level of hygiene and customer care during this period.

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