Owning a holiday let for a long time is not so convenient as it needs a lot of attention, maintenance, property management fees, taxes, and utility bills. One should be aware of the things to know before renting a flat so that they can get the most benefit out of it.

Are you planning a vacation to take a break from your monotonous routine and relax for some time? You must come up with a plan that does not bother you as you’re enjoying your time. Here is a complete guide about things to know about renting.


What is a serviced flat?

A serviced flat refers to an apartment that is completely furnished that you can avail of for your long-term or short-term stays. A serviced apartment provides you with all the basic amenities, services, and housekeeping and you can have a memorable time of your life if you choose the right services.


  • Location

Make sure that the property you’re choosing for your stay has a good location according to your needs. It shall be neither too close from the city, markets nor too away from other populations. As you’re going for a holiday, try to look for a property in the mountains or near a beach so that you can feel close to nature.


  • Price

It includes in the apartment viewing etiquette to visit an apartment only if it fits your budget. Don’t go around looking for every apartment that you come across. Categorize the options and discuss the pricing beforehand.


  • Basic amenities

As you’re staying there to have a good time, you don’t want to be bothered by electricity breakdown or no water in the taps. Therefore, one of the things to know before renting a flat in the presence of all basic amenities.

Sublime Stays - Coventry Serviced Apartment

Sublime Stays – Coventry Serviced Apartment

  • Utility costs

When it comes to things to know about renting a flat, you must consider the utility costs. You must set up a budget for your utilities and according to apartment viewing etiquettes, only go for an apartment that suits you in this regard.


  • Landlord or the apartment letting services

Make sure that you have an official talking with a landlord or the letting services so that you don’t face any problems during your stay. It is better to look for any reviews online and check for their reputation in the area.


  • The quality of the residence

You must not compromise on this factor because it is necessary to have quality around you if you want to have a good time. Whether it is in terms of food, environment, or the neighbourhood, you must give priority to the quality. Also, make sure they offer housekeeping extra too.


  • Safety

No matter what the location is, your residence must be safe for yourself and your family. Make sure they have enough security and trustworthy locking systems installed in the apartment or flat.


  • Other services

When you are planning to rent an apartment, make sure they offer to park for your car and wi-fi access. These things must be included in things to know before renting a flat because they are necessary for everyone. Also, if you have a pet, don’t forget to ask about the pet policy.



Keeping the above things in mind, you can make a great deal and enjoy vacations in peace.

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