Top Pick in the United Kingdom Ideal for Swimming

Try these top wild swimming sites in the UK. Lagoons, streams, and cascades. Even though it’s not the warmest place to swim. More and more individuals in the UK are braving the cold to go naked river swimming.

Wild swimming in the United Kingdom’s most scenic locations is a liberating way to unwind. Connect with nature’s enchantment, and work up a sweat. It may be freezing, but it’s not every day that you can wear a bikini and a bobble cap at the same time.

Brave souls in this land of chill are flocking to local bodies of water to swim a few laps. It’s a stroke of genius that the UK has added rural rivers, tidal lagoons, and waterfall plunge pools. Lochside beaches to its already impressive natural features.


Blue Lagoon in Wales

Abereiddi’s Blue Lagoon area’s surviving ruins both give the impression of industrial history.


Wales’s Blue Lagoon is equally as alluring as Iceland’s, so there’s no need to take a plane there. The tide has refilled this quarry, turning it into a shimmering. An almost limitless pool of turquoise water that sparkles in the sunlight.

The depth of the lagoon is surrounded by beaches and cliffs. Makes it an ideal spot for cliff diving (you can dive in as part of an organized group). In addition, this area is ideal for coasteering and kayaking.


London’s Beckenham Park 

London’s first purpose-built swimming lake.


In terms of popularity, this is the newest place to go wild swimming in London. But in terms of history, it’s rather old. As of this year (2019), the park’s long-dry Georgian lake has been replenished. It’s transformed into a picturesque open-water hangout complete with a wooden pier for diving headfirst into the icy waters.

Despite its urban location, the pool area manages to seem private because of the tall grass. Damp woods, and rolling green hills that lead to the water’s edge. After you cool off in the pool, go to the park’s café, which is in a charmingly old house.

Entrance pay £5. Reduced price tickets are £3 (or £6 or $4.50) for residents of Lewisham.


Isis River Port Meadow, Oxford

A large meadow of open common land beside the River Thames to the north and west of Oxford.


Port Meadow, a large expanse of common ground near the head of the Thames. Seems like it might have been plucked from a painting by Gainsborough (known in these parts as the Isis). It seems to sense that this would be a popular place to cool down throughout the summer.

Try to swim around Fiddler’s Island, which is closer to the heart of Oxford. Godstow and Wolvercote, which are home to the ruins of historic public swimming areas.


Falls of Falloch in Scotland

A waterfall and local beauty spot on the river Falloch off the A82.


This outdoor swimming location is surrounded by a stunning ten-meter waterfall and beautiful forest canopies. It is located in the shadow of the snow-capped peak of Ben Lui.

Rob Roy’s Bathtub is a big circular plunge pool located just off West Highland Way. Which may be reached via a rough farm walk (a fabled Scottish outlaw may or may not have bathed here). It’s the perfect place to go for a swim and relax for a while.


Northumberland’s Linhope Spout

A lovely waterfall in an isolated setting in the lovely Breamish Valley.


One would be hard-pressed to find a more visually arresting setting for a daring swim than this fantasy plunge pool. Which has a waterfall plunging from an impressive height of 18 meters.

A small group of people may wade into the foamy pool on a hot day. It’s surrounded by a woodland glade amid Northumberland National Park.


Ullswater, Kailpot Crag, Cumbria

A high, gnarly crag plummets into deep water. Great for jumps and snorkeling.


During peak wild swimming season, the world-famous lakes of the Lake District may get ridiculously crowded. Kailpot Crag is located on the east side of Ullswater, which is somewhat less busy.

Most importantly it does not have a major road running beside it. You may walk from Sandwick or Howtown to the steep stony cliff and then leap into the deep, motionless water below. If you’d rather take it easy, there’s a little beach right on the shore of the lake.


Goldiggins Quarry, Minion, Cornwall

An excellent circular walk from Hurlers carpark Minions.


Maybe a swim in an abandoned quarry doesn’t seem like the most appealing way to spend the day. The deep, jewel-bright water at this one, though, lies hidden among the rugged grandeur of Bodmin Moor. It’s not driveable, so leave your vehicle at nearby Minions, Cornwall’s highest settlement.

Make the windy trek over the moorland, passing by a few odd rock formations along the way. The waters, which are fed by a local spring, are crystal clear. Daredevils may get their thrills by leaping from the high quarry cliffs into the vast expanse below.


Appletreewick, River Wharfe

A small village in a comparatively quiet backwater in one of the most beautiful parts of Wharfedale.


This little settlement in the Yorkshire Dales National Park is every bit as charming as its name indicates. To get away from the picture-perfect stone cottages and to the River Wharfe.

It has a pool with a tiny rocky island and mild rapids, follow the track road just opposite the New Inn. Looking to make a major impression? Get some exercise on the rope swing strung between two trees along the river.


Loch Morlich in Highlands 

The loch is home to a watersports center with kayaking, sailing, and windsurfing among the activities available.


Because of the country’s highly forgiving open-access legislation. It is possible to swim in virtually all of Scotland’s evocative lochs, and Morlich is a great site to do so. Located at the base of the country’s greatest mountain range, this area is home to Britain’s highest beach.

A wide expanse of sand is perfect for lounging in the sun, or having a picnic. Diving headfirst into the loch’s refreshing waters. The on-site activity center provides paddleboards, kayaks, and canoes if water activities are more your speed.


Walpole Bay Tidal Pool, Margate

Ideal for investigating fascinating rock and tidal pools. This long bay has a sandy beach, promenade and tidal pool.


At high tide, the concrete walls of Margate’s tidal pool are hidden by the lapping waves. But as the tide recedes, they become apparent.

There are a lot of serious competitive swimmers who come to this four-acre fenced area of Walpole Bay in the winter to swim in the North Sea’s cold waters. When the sun comes out, though, less courageous souls also leap.


Hampstead Heath Ponds, London

Home to some of the best outdoor swimming spots in London including three natural bathing ponds.

On a hot and muggy day in London. There is nothing better than taking refuge in the vast greenery of Hampstead Heath. Diving into one of the swimming ponds. A total of three pools are available on the heath (ladies, men, and mixed). The City of London Corporation maintains the ponds.

Which were formerly flooded clay pits, so visitors may enjoy them at any time of the year. There is a dedicated fan base in the area; when the company sought to shut down the ponds in 2004. The regular swimmers sued. (They triumphed, saving a historic landmark in London.)

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