The COVID-19 epidemic had an impact on the apartment services business as well. The advantages of choosing a spacious serviced apartment over a small hotel room. Its become evident in light of the recent pandemic and the trend of lockdowns. Travelers have recognized the flexibility of serviced apartments. In meeting their individual lifestyle preferences without compromising hospitality excellence.

Apart from the room provided by the flats and suites, we also offer many other amenities to make your life easier and more pleasant. Unlike traditional hotels. Serviced apartments designed for a residential lifestyle provide the luxury of bigger living spaces. Well-appointed kitchens and amenities.

As well as comfortable and generous workspaces that typical hotels don’t have. With ‘leisure’ and the trend of remote work here to stay. The offerings of serviced apartments play into the requirements of a work environment with the comfort and ease of home.


Here are some reasons why service apartment is a more favorable choice for this pandemic.


  • Hotel rooms are used as quarantine facilities.


A little profit is better than no profit at all. Serving tourists, hotels catered to workers who needed to be near their companies because of the lack of public transportation during the lockdown. To survive, they are used to a quarantine facility.

Meanwhile, serviced apartments are more of an attractive option! It is only natural for people to be careful about their health and choices.


Serviced Apartment Living Room

Serviced Apartment Bedroom


  • Better Space


When you stay in a service apartment rather than a hotel room, you provide yourself with a home away from home. Nothing has been sacrificed. You can anticipate the most significant levels of hygiene, guest care, cleanliness, and service. The extra space is the most evident advantage of staying in an apartment over a conventional hotel.

Don’t cram too many people into a single hotel room. Select a service apartment with one or two bedrooms. A living room and dining room separate from the kitchen and a fully equipped kitchen.

Serviced flats are handy for individuals who need more room.  The additional space provided by serviced apartments is especially beneficial for those traveling to the UK. Requiring a place to keep their possessions while still living comfortably. The majority of our service apartments, on the other hand. Feature two bedrooms and two separate bathrooms.

We are making them suitable for individuals who desire complete privacy and are pet-friendly!


  • Various Amenities


The different types of facilities that come with renting a serviced apartment are great! Home facilities include TV, Wi-Fi, and a fully equipped kitchen. Along with an oven and hob and all the plates, cutlery, and cooking utensils you might need. You can prepare homemade meals.

You can eat healthier and save money on dining out, too! Refrigerators to store food and drink safely. Stock up on your favorites means fewer trips to the supermarket. Washer and dryer inside your apartment. Weekly linen and towel change.

Cleaning service for seven nights can arrange upon request and complimentary toiletries


Fully Equipped Kitchen

Fully Equipped Kitchen


  • Better Value


We offer excellent service – our high standard when it comes to price rates. Safe and spacious serviced apartments at an affordable price. All the facilities and services are included in the overall rental cost. 

We offer a free parking space and add on short-term or long-term plans. You can stay in our serviced apartments for as long as you wish without burning a hole in your pocket.


For any questions about our apartment services, feel free to contact our lovely team at Sublime Stays Apartments! We are always looking forward to serving you.

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