If you want to travel and have fun, serviced apartments are the best option. Creating long-lasting memories through travel is one of the most efficient methods of doing so. We can do this because we have the freedom to make memories while traveling. Excellent apartments are an ideal match for our holiday aims. We have many options, and looking at serviced apartments is a great way to get the planning process started!!


Traveling is currently one of the most popular methods for people to spend their money.

Family Enjoying Their Staycation

Family Enjoying Their Staycation

Young people are increasingly placing a higher value on memories than the accumulation of material belongings. They would rather spend their money on holiday goals rather than on the latest electrical goods and technologies. A rising number of individuals are choosing to have “staycations” instead of going on vacation.


Traveling and engaging in leisure activities have a positive impact on our overall health and well-being.

    • The revelation travel makes our bodies stronger by enhancing our immune system’s tolerance to various environments is an interesting one. Our bodies gain from more exposure to a greater variety of settings.  Learn to adapt the millions of new bacteria, making us more resilient and capable of rejecting illnesses.
    • A brief respite from our hurried lives is something that we all desire. While traveling, our sense of renewal and maturity is heightened. In addition to broadening our horizons and meeting new people, we improve our capacity to empathize, learn, and adapt. Furthermore, we learn about different cultures and become more globally aware. Of what is happening in other areas of the world due to this experience.
    • After reading this, it’s reasonable to suppose that you’re even more enthusiastic about checking things off your travel bucket list.


Factor to consider determining which towns or countries to visit is the location of hotel or hostel you will be staying in a while on your tour. When selecting a place to stay, it is critical to ensure that you will be comfortable.

You might want to explore staying in serviced apartments these days, which is a more financially sound option. Many well-established firms offer short-term housing for tourists, including families and individuals.


Serviced flats are more convenient and pleasant than hotels.

Serviced apartments have more space

Serviced apartments have more space.

You would expect to pay more money to receive the perks of serviced flats. It is not always how things turn out. Regardless of whether or you take advantage of the hotel’s complimentary facilities, you will be required to pay for them. In addition to the numerous pubs and restaurants, laundry and cleaning services provided.

You may be able to stay in a serviced apartment for the same price. Less than a comparable hotel room in the same location without having to worry about additional costs.

The hours for dining and drinking at the hotel will be unlimited as well. When it comes to dining while staying in a holiday rental, there are no restrictions. The dishwasher, dryer, and coffee maker are all included in the rental price of the unit. Small irons, fragile hair dryers, and thief-proof coat hangers are just a few of the other abominable hotel amenities offered. Although the appliances in hotel rooms may be superior to those in serviced flats, we cannot guarantee that they will stay invisible.

Individuals who do not like to have strangers in their homes daily can easily arrange for weekly or biweekly cleaning of their clothing, linens, and towels. There is no reason why you should not wash your laundry, iron your clothes, and clean your garments. If you’re relocating, cleaning every three days is more than adequate, and it’s more convenient than staying in a motel.


A location where one can both rest and work.

You can sit back and relax in a proper living space after work

You can sit back and relax in a proper living space after work

The allure of staying in a hotel room lessens with time. In an apartment, it is possible to eat, watch television, and relax in a separate area from where you sleep. In a similar vein, sitting cross-legged on your bed with your laptop propped up on your knee is both useless and unproductive. Having a dedicated workstation is critical for those of us who work from home or who rely only on our computers for our jobs.


There are no restrictions on when and what you eat.

You can eat anytime you want.

You can eat anytime you want.

Unless otherwise stated, all serviced apartments include a stove, a microwave, and a refrigerator as standard equipment. The kitchenette in your apartment is more than adequate for cooking a wide variety of meals throughout your two-week stay.

Even if you have dietary restrictions or picky eaters in your family. Having the ability to get the right quantity of food, order takeout or groceries. Wash fruit and vegetables, and prepare everything to your satisfaction is a great benefit. If you don’t want to interact with anyone in the morning, you may save yourself a lot of time.



You don't need to leave them at home.

You don’t need to leave them at home.

Sublime Stays Apartments allows you to save money on kennel fees when you rent a serviced apartment and leave your pets at home. It is possible to look for pet-friendly hotels on the internet or to specify them when making a reservation.

If you stay at a hotel for any length of time, you will be charged the same amount of money. If you want to stay for more than a few days, we can generally get you a better rate on our serviced apartments.

Assuming you’ve learned about the advantages of renting a serviced apartment. What’s the next step? We’ve put together a list of our favorite places to visit in the United Kingdom

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